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"I had struggled with my weight since I was 7 years old , so over 35 years.

I had toyed with weight loss surgery for the last 3 years but was too scared to undergo it.

Professor Ammori had come highly recommended so I finally summed up the courage to have the operation in December last year.

I was dreading the pain after the operation. However, as your stomach doesn’t have any pain receptors the operation was virtually painless and I didn’t need to take any painkillers at all after I went home which was only 24 hours after the operation. In fact, I was Xmas shopping with 3 children later that week!

I am so pleased I was brave enough to do it and I feel proud of myself for making this decision. I feel like I have been unlocked from a prison cell that was my overeating and I am on my way to getting the life I always wanted.

Everything has changed for the better, my sleeping, my breathing and mostly my ability to participate in life to the full.

The best thing about it all is that I can control my hunger now and I just don’t get hungry in the same way as I did at all. That has really helped and therefore I have lost nearly 5 stone in just three months.

My only regret is that I didn’t do have this operation years ago".

Hi Prof. Ammori

Seven and a half stone lost since November. Can't thank you enough, you have gave me a new life......

Pauline Zvimba
Sleeve 7 Nov. 2014
From Glasgow

Hi Prof. Ammori

I am writing to express my deepest gratitude to you for changing (and most likely saving) my life.

When we met I was drastically overweight, always getting ill, in near constant pain, infertile and thoroughly depressed. I had tried everything in my power to loose weight, diets, boot camps, career changes (joined Royal Navy), hypnotherapy, machine inch loss things and meal replacement programs such as lighter life. I often managed to loose some weight but could never keep it off as I was always so hungry! I felt like a failure, I distanced myself from friends and family and just generally hid myself from life.

You changed all of that! I am healthier than I have ever been, I rarely get colds, stomach bugs etc now. I ?have lost about 7 stone and have a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) healthy 6 month old baby boy. I am so happy with my life! My relationships are better, I'm much more confident and sociable. I am happier than I have ever been with my life and my self. I am positive and feel like I can take on any challenge now.

You gave me a second chance at life and made my little boy possible. I cannot ever thank you enough for the way you and Helen have changed my life for the better. You were both always so professional yet personal, I have always felt that you understood what I was going through and did not judge me. The care and support I have received have been world class and I cannot praise or reccomend either of you highly enough! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Heather Sheach. Gastric Sleeve patient Dec 2013

Dear Prof. Ammori

Further to our skype call last night as promised I have attached a Before and After picture. The dates on the photographs are exact. Below is my success story:

“Having yoyo dieted since I was 18 years old, I was heavier than I had ever been (even when at full term pregnancy) at the age of 48; I weighed in around 14st 9lbs. I was totally fed up. A friend had a gastric balloon fitted 6 months previously and although she had some issues I started researching for a similar solutions. I was originally interested in gastric plication and did copious amounts of research into where I could get this done. I really did not want to go overseas as I was concerned the aftercare might be missing. On various forums Prof. Ammori’s name came up time and time again and the reviews were excellent so in December 2013 I called his office for a chat. His PA set up a skype consultation for me as I lived quite far away from Manchester where he is based.

During the consultation Prof. Ammori was attentive, considerate and explained all the options open to me in detail. He gave me his recommendation on what surgery he felt would be best and was open on his experience in carrying out various procedures as well as their success and longevity levels. He also gave me expectations on the weight loss I could achieve, how I would be after surgery and what would be required of me to reach and maintain my goals with the emphasis being that this was only a tool to assist with reaching the goal not the solution. I thought about the consultation for a week or so and then decided on a sleeve gastrectomy, as recommended by Prof. Ammori. I called the office and set the date for my surgery and immediately after Christmas 2013 I followed the pre-surgery diet for 2-3 weeks before my surgery date of 18 January.

All the pre-surgery assessments were carried out the day before the surgery as I lived quite a distance away. I was apprehensive on the day of the surgery but Prof. Ammori visited me and talked me through the whole procedure and what would happen afterwards. I had my surgery at the Alexandra Hospital in Manchester, on 18th January 2014 and Prof Ammori allowed me to go home the day afterwards; the team were first class and the care I received second to none. Although I had some discomfort (normal following surgery) I was back at my desk working on Monday 20th January (yes 2 days after surgery). Post op I followed the rules set out by the Prof to the letter and although it took me around 4-6 weeks to feel fully recovered I was able to function normally going to work, looking after my children etc.

The weight started to drop off and by the time I went for my 6 month check in July 2013 I weighed 10st 12 lbs; I looked and felt like a new woman and I told the Prof at that visit if I didn’t lose anymore I would be happy at that weight. Prof. Ammori explained that the weight loss would now slow down quite considerably. I went to the gym and swam 3-4 times per week from 6 weeks post surgery (I still do). 1 year post op I weighed 9st 8lbs and have been this weight since November 2013.

So how do I feel….absolutely FANASTIC. Prof Ammori and his team have given me my life and the old me back. I have no words as to how to thank them enough; the before and after pictures speak for themselves.”

Thanks again

Best wishes

I had my gastric sleeve operation in October 2012.

My sister had had a gastric bypass five years previously and I had wanted it done then but could not afford it at that time. Professor Ammori also did my sisters and that was how I,d come to here about him.

I,d always struggled with my weight and had done every diet known to man, but as always put more weight on when I came off the diet!

When I,d saved enough money, I came to Professor Ammori and he said he would do my operation.

I,d given up drinking (although I didn,t drink a lot!) , and I,d stopped smoking two years previously.

Having the operation is one of the very best things I have done in my life...

I lost two and a half stone by the Christmas, and dropped the next three by the May. Five and a half stone in total!!!!

My hot flushes lessened, my bad back eased, my sleeping is so much better...(Andy says I don,t snore anymore!!!!) and my confidence level is at an all time high!!

I have stayed at a constant 9st /9st 3lbs ever is not an issue for me anymore and I have a sensible little and often diet which suits me perfectly...

Many thanks to Professor Ammori, Suzanne and Jennie for the fantastic care, advice and encouragement throughout the whole process...

I know they will always be at the end of the telephone should I ever need them...

Thank you for giving me my life back.xx

Marie McKenna

I first heard about professor Ammori on the Internet just over two years ago and watched a video he had made about gastric bypass surgery and this got me thinking. For years my weight had always been a problem trying different diets such as the Atkins and so on but nothing seemed to work and my weight was increasing every month until eventually I gave up even trying.

Because of this my health was now starting to suffer my blood pressure was rocketing and I had type 2 diabetes. How long could this continue?

My weight was now a very dangerous 19stone with a BMI of 44.

I arranged a consultation with Professor Ammori in July 2012, following this he agreed to carry out the gastric bypass procedure at The Alexandra in Cheadle. Two years on following the operation i now weigh 9 stone, normal blood pressure and no type 2 diabetes. Now I have my life back thanks to Professor Ammori and his team at The Alex.

Many thanks to you all

The pictures tell the story

Kind regards

Ellen Frost

Pauline Mole Gibbons, 49, dropped from 40st to 18st after life-saving gastric bypass surgery. Mrs Mole Gibbons believes the gastric bypass saved her life and says she is very grateful to the surgeons.

"Professor Ammori performed my Sleeve gastrostomy in June 2012 when I was 28 yrs old, I can not thank him and his amazing team enough. Before my surgery I was just over 28 stone with a BMI of 55 and on the verge on developing further heath issues due to my weight, and would not have lasted another 5 years if I continued to live my life as I was doing. I used to kid myself that I was happy and that enjoying life while I was bigger but the truth was I didn't really have a life, and I didn't realise that until after surgery. The changes in me have been huge, apart from the physical changes, I now have more confidence, self esteem and have tons more energy to do things. I was so nervous prior to surgery but the team were amazing and talked me through everything and I was made to feel that at ease that I requested Professor Ammori to performed my laparoscopic cholecystectomy in July 2013 when I developed Gallstones. I do not regret my choice to have surgery 1 bit, but would stress to people that it is not the quick fix it is made out to be in the media, it still takes will power and determination and every bit worth the couple of days discomfort post op. At 21 months post of I have lost just over 15 stone and I still have approximately 1 - 2 stone left to loose , I have been left with some excess skin since loosing weight but I feel it is a small price to pay for the years of abuse I put my body through. I cant stress enough how grateful I am to Professor Ammori as I really do owe him my life!"

Emma Louise Wren

Professor Ammori and his team changed my life and I am so grateful! xxxxx
Thank you!
Jaccy Lord

Terry's Amazing 11 Stone Weight Loss Following Bariatric Surgery

A young man who shied away from socialising because he was self-conscious about his weight marked the 30th birthday he thought he might not live to celebrate at a fabulous party welcoming family and friends.

Terry Baker would never have contemplated being the centre of attention at a birthday bash if he had still tipped the scales at 28 stone – his heaviest weight before receiving treatment from the Spire Weight Loss Surgery service. But after undergoing a gastric sleeve procedure – where the stomach is permanently reduced to around 25 per cent of its original size – he now weighs less than 17 stone and is feeling fit, healthy and full of confidence. “I didn’t feel comfortable going out with friends or meeting new people. I just wanted to stay at home on my own.

Along with his new-found confidence, Terry is also reaping the health rewards of losing more than 11 stone - three stone while waiting for the surgery, followed by a further eight stone after undergoing the operation at Spire Manchester Hospital in August 2011.

Terry, who was taking medication for type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol before his operation – both conditions linked to obesity – now no longer needs to take the pills. He also attends three to four times a week at the gym to take part in cardio and muscle strengthening exercises.

The situation is a vast improvement on his situation three and a half years ago, when he ended up in hospital believing he could be having a heart attack. “In the end the doctors told me it was only a panic attack,” he explained.

'I understood the gastric sleeve wasn’t a magic wand which was going to get rid of all my problems and miraculously make me thin. But I saw it as a vital tool which – when put together with willpower and a determination to succeed – would help flip that switch in my head and give me back the important thing I had lost when it came to food: control.”

Since the procedure at Spire Manchester Hospital – where he praised the care and expertise of staff on a ‘start to finish journey’ which includes pre-operative consultations and continuing after care including diet and nutrition advice and regular support group meetings – his eating habits and appetite have changed drastically.

Although Terry had success with non-surgical diets like Lipotrim – through which he managed to lose six stone as a teenager whilst studying at Trafford College – and the Cambridge diet in the past, he had continued to be trapped in a vicious circle of losing weight only to then pile it back on.

“I was always up and down,” Terry - who traces problems with his weight right back to childhood when he was often a victim of cruel school bullying - said. “I’d lose the weight but then pile it back on – and more. Over the years, when things were tough in my life – I’ve experienced many troubles, problems in the family, deaths of loved ones – food was always the thing I’d seek comfort in. I needed another tool to help me take back control of my own decisions, and that’s what the bariatric surgery gave me.”

Now, thanks to the gastric sleeve procedure – which is performed by key-hole surgery and involves removing a large portion of the stomach, before the open edges are attached together to form a ‘sleeve’ shape – he is enjoying ‘a whole new lease of life’. “Now I’m out all the time – seeing old friends, and making new ones. I feel so much more comfortable in a social setting now. Even though I’m not with anyone at the moment, it’s also making that side of my life easier, since I actually have the confidence to approach people and talk to them now – something I never would have done before."

“I’d recommend bariatric surgery and Spire Weight Loss Surgery to anyone who is struggling with their weight – one of my friends has already followed in my footsteps. It really does have the power to change your life for the better.”

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I had been overweight my whole life, I can't remember a time when I wasn't on a diet. I had tried every diet going from the structured by the doctor diet to the stupid “let’s see if not eating works”. Well nothing seemed to, I may lose a few pounds even a stone then slowly it would go back on again and that was how I lived for 35 years. I was 36 years old and had a very young son and a husband. My weight was just going up and up I was seriously afraid that I wouldn't see my son's 10th birthday the way I was going. I made the decision to have weight loss surgery, this wasn't taken lightly and I was very scared. I went to see Mr. Ammori after he was recommended to me by a friend. After being in his company for 5mins, I knew that this was a person that I could trust and more importantly help me. ?Since having the surgery 6 months ago, I have managed to lose 4 and a half stone and I'm still losing weight. I feel like a completely different person everything about me has changed, I have more confidence, can go to normal shops to buy clothes, feel normal walking down the street, without feeling like every one is looking and making comments about me, but most importantly I feel like I have been given my life back.. I have more energy, I can play with my son without getting out of breath, I go out with my husband again as I no longer feel that I shame him being so overweight., not that my husband ever felt that anyway, but it's hard to explain to someone who doesn't have a weight problem how you think and feel inside sometimes. I still see Mr. Ammori or his team every 6 months and I am truly grateful for all that they have done, from surgery to aftercare. They are only an email or call away and they are always there to help. Nicki

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Hi Mr. Ammori

It's been a while so I thought I would give you an update with my progress. Since my assessment in October 2008 I've lost 182 pounds, 127lbs since my laparoscopic operation in February. I set my target at 14 stone and have one and a half stone to go. My life has changed so much and every day I think how lucky I am to have been given this gift. Thank you ever so much for what you and the team have made possible. Karl

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Dear Mr. Ammori

You carried out a laparoscopic gastric bypass on me in July 2006, for which endless thanks as it has entirely changed my life. It is not possible to understand the sheer joy in going from a size 24 to a size 14 and not having to think about food all the time, unless you have been through it. It may well have saved my life, and certainly saved my marriage. Helen

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Dear Mr. Ammori

Back in November 2007 you fitted me with a Gastric Band. I was 18 years old and came over from Belfast for the surgery by myself. I was then 21 stone. I have recently turned 21 and I’m pleased to inform you that my weight has stabilized at just under 13 stone and I live quite happily with the band. Adam

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Hi Gill??

Wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts today : I?Was watching "Fat surgeons" on the box today and it reminded?me of my WLS journey....... would you believe it is now 28 MONTHS!?since basil gave me my bypass, I have had an amazingly GOOD experience with?my bariatric journey, successfully losing almost half of my pre op body weight.?My health regardng weight is brilliant (unfortunately the back has never?been worse and I am currently scheduled for emergency spinal surgery).?I have never put an ounce of weight back on and am still slowely (very) losing?my excess weight. I like to think that I am one of Basil's (not forgetting the rest of the?Bariatric team) absolutely sucessful patients! I made the biggest decision of?my life when I opted to be put forward for a by-pass at my age, I have never had cause to?regret that choice for a milli second. Only utter happiness and joy ?unlike many patients of WLS I didn't see this journey as a quick "Weight-loss FIX"?I knew it entailed a complete lifestyle change, one I have easily adopted.?My thanks go out to everyone who's path I crossed on this journey. I am?confident that this is for life, a healthy weight, healthy life style, and most?importantly....... I am the person I was never able to be before surgery.?HAPPY............... confident in my choices and hopefully a credit to all?the dedication of the Bariatric team. The service needs more in it, but?given NHS cuts, the Bariatric Service at Salford Royal are second to non?and I consider myself a very lucky person to have been given the opportunity?to have my by-pass.Will you forward this to Basil & John as I feel they don't often see or hear?from the long term success stories as when things go well there is no?reason for them to see us. ??From the bottom of my heart I send a massive thank you to all The Bariatric team ?(especially you and your pre-op support) for helping me change my life and?at last live each day happy that I am living a healthy welcoming life. Hope you are OK Gill,, I will never forget you and hope things are less stressful?these days.??Take Care ??JUDY

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Quite simply, having a gastric bypass has completely transformed my life. When I was overweight I didn’t like myself. I hated to look in a mirror, and I was embarrassed to have my picture taken or even shop for clothes. But now I have no problem with any of these things, and I like myself once again.
Physically, I am quite literally half the man I was, but when it comes to self-esteem, I am twice the man I was. I get such a kick out of meeting people who haven’t seen me for a year or so, and seeing the reaction and the look on their faces. I cannot thank Professor Ammori for giving me my life back. An operation like this isn’t something to enter into lightly, but for me it was the last hope. I had tried every diet and joined every type of slimming club that you can name, but nothing had worked. If asked by anyone who is overweight would I recommend the operation, the answer would be a resounding yes. But I always add the caveat that you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that once you have had the operation that the hard work is done and you can go back to your old eating habits. You have to train yourself not to eat the quantities that you ate before or you will have done it all for nothing. Personally I can eat anything I like, so it’s not like being on a diet. But I have to educate myself that I don’t need the portion sizes that I used to have. Once again, a big ‘thank you’ to Professor Ammori and all of his team for what they have done for me.

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I have been fantastic since Mr. Ammori's operation, swimming half a mile everyday at 7am in just 40 minutes. My blood sugars level at just 5-6, with HbA1c in the constant good range and a reduction from 200 units of insulin to just 20, not to mention a weight loss from just above 19 stone to just less than 16 stone all in just 6 months. I have had a wonderful 6 months thanks to Mr. Ammori and his great team. The surgeons at Stepping Hill Hospital were reluctant to operate on me acutely inflamed gallbladder because of my previous Bariatric Surgery. Luckily Mr. Ammori has stepped in and contacted Stepping Hill Hospital directly asking for them to refer me to him for keyhole Gall Bladder surgery at his new Hope Hospital Surgery. Mr Ammori's new secretary, Gill Hesketh has been wonderful and gave both my terrified wife Jill and I great peace of mind. I hope I do not sound too nuts, but I want to thank Mr. Ammori from the bottom of my heart; you cannot measure how much support you have given Jill and I. Paul 6 months after operation

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I had a Gastric Bypass operation with you on the 27th August 2010 in the Manchester Spire Hospital by Dr Basil Ammori.

I wanted to give you an update of my progress:

My weight has reduced from 25st 10lbs to currently 16st 5lbs - my sleep apnea symptoms have disappeared and I am feeling very well.

I have also taken up running and completed the Dublin City Marathon (26.2miles) last October and plan on doing 2 more this year.

Please pass on to Dr Ammori and Dr Ashton as I am indebted to them for their help and support.

Kindest Regards, Kieran

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Mr. Basil Ammori,

It is over 3 years since I last wrote to you. Thanks to you I remain healthy and able to work for others. I still swim a mile each morning at 7am. Whenever I feel like missing a day I just recall our nights of despair when you came to our aid. You have given me the greatest of gifts and Jill and I always do our best to repay you by doing our best for others.

As we enter 2012, we wish you and yours health, happiness and good fortune, please call on us, if you ever need our help in any way. I suspect you never knew that my wife Jill, whom I love dearly, had checked you out thoroughly before allowing me in to your hands. Her trawl of this countries Royal College of Surgeons showed the young Man from Baghdad University to be held in the very highest of professional esteem. Back in 2007, Jill focused on 300 successfully performed laparoscopic bariatric procedures, demonstrated expertise in advanced laparoscopic surgery, hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. In our hour of need, not only did you save my life, using your exacting skills, you became known to us as a gentleman of the very highest order, kind, hard working and self-effacing. Seldom have we come across a soul such as you, you are more than the highest of professional; you are the best of mankind. Jill and I would recommend those with loved ones in need, to trust in your skill and judgment. We do not say these things lightly; we thank you from the bottom of our heart.

Paul three and a half years after the operation

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After battling with my weight all my life and being stuck in a constant dieting cycle, I made the life changing decision in September 2010 to look into the possibility of Bariatric Surgery. I was not eligible to have surgery on the NHS and therefore had to research private options. I was put in touch with Mr. Ammori at the Spire Hospital in Manchester and on the 8/9/2010 I made the decision to go ahead with a laparoscopic gastric bypass operation to be carried out on the 10/10/10! As a school teacher this fitted into my half term holiday and would allow recovery time.? The before and after care and support I received from Mr. Ammori and his team was fantastic. I was apprehensive but looking forward to the start of a long journey that would change my life. I was operated on first thing in the morning and was back in my room and on my feet by midday. I was discharged the next day, and travelled back to Scotland. I was out walking the dog on 12/10/10 and already I felt so much better about myself I was on a real high. I returned to work after the half term holiday on 19/10/10 and resumed my normal job and have never looked back! Just over a year later the weight loss has slowed down however my confidence has soared, my life has changed, I am back in the gym, spinning classes, swimming etc and I now feel I have so much more energy and am in control. I am sadly unable to attend the support group meetings due to distance; however, the team is but a phone call or email away and are very supportive. I am fortunate that my own GP has taken over my aftercare and he too has contact with the team if required. As I approach 40 this year it has been the best 40th birthday present I could have given myself! There are days when it can be hard especially when you eat that extra chocolate!!!!! But am so glad I made the decision to undergo surgery as the pros well outweigh the cons. I love being able to shop for clothes again and my pupils, family and friends have all been on the journey with me and tell me I am a different person! I cannot thank Mr. Ammori and the Bariatric team at the Spire Manchester enough for changing my life!! Morag

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Hi Mr. Ammori, Just a quick update really, I was up going to the loo after 2 hours of the laparoscopic gastric band surgery. I had no pain relief during that day or through the night for that matter. The next day I was up dressed, make up done, hair done, L.O.L then went for a couple of walks down the corridors. Kath came to discharge me at 11.00ish. I weighed myself before I left the ward and I am now 17lb lighter. It is a miracle. I would just like to thank you and all your wonderful team. You will be in my thoughts for the rest of my life once again a big THANK-YOU!!! Kind regards Gail

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Firstly, can I just thank you for all you did for me while I was at HOPE Hospital! Knowing you were 'on the ball' for me was reassuring to say the least. The general care I have received has been incredibly impressive (WORLDS apart from Blackpool Victoria!). Rachael

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i Mr. Ammori

It's been a while so I thought I would give you an update with my progress. Since my assessment in October 2008 I've lost 182 pounds, 127lbs since my laparoscopic operation in February. I set my target at 14 stone and have one and a half stone to go. My life has changed so much and every day I think how lucky I am to have been given this gift. Thank you ever so much for what you and the team have made possible. Karl

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Hi Mr. Ammori

It's been a while so I thought I would give you an update with my progress. Since my assessment in October 2008 I've lost 182 pounds, 127lbs since my laparoscopic operation in February. I set my target at 14 stone and have one and a half stone to go. My life has changed so much and every day I think how lucky I am to have been given this gift. Thank you ever so much for what you and the team have made possible. Karl

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I would like to put in writing my thanks to Professor Ammori.

After my husbands laprascopic conversion from sleeve gastrectomy to gastric bypass which had taken far longer than was anticipated, The professor took the time to come to room and tell me that it had gone well and what he had found, he was so kind.

He went out of his way explained it all, so I understood, and later when he saw my husband he went though it all with him, nothing was too much trouble every query was answered.

I can not express my thanks, Professor Ammori has our lasting gratitude and thanks.

He is a very special person and the Manchester Hospitals are very lucky to have him.

The staff on the ward at the Spire Hospital hold him in very high esteem which is very unusual for hospital staff to do for consultants.

My thanks again. Jackie ( Jackie's Husband; Harry had a history of laparoscopic band converted to sleeve gastrectomy previously which was converted to gastric bypass by Professor Ammori)

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Having reached 60 it is a shame that it took me so long to reach a life changing decision. From my early days at school I had always been overweight, nicknames like 'chubby' followed me almost throughout my life andthe inability to attain the 'normal' size or weight has dogged me throughout adulthood.I have tried every diet known to man and woman! The 'egg diet', 'cabbage soup diet', weight watchers, slimming world all hadlimited success but by the age of 45 I had been diagnosed type 2 diabetic. Diet control failed, tablets helped initially butlater also failed and I eventually ended up injecting Insulin 4 times a day and my HBA1C was still in double figures.My diabetologist John New had been trying to persuade me to take the surgical option for about three years but I was resistant, notleast because of cost but also my fear of invasive surgery.What an idiot I was. Enter Basil Ammori in May 2011. I felt comfortable from my first consultation and even though my weightat the time was about 112kg's and I didnt seem to fit the 'norm' for surgery judging by the other people waiting around, I was convincedby Basil's clear and helpful advice that this option was for me!Two weeks later, I was ensconsed in The Spire Hospital with bated breath and a little trepidation. I went down for my 'gastric bypass'at 6.30pm and the night nurse had me up and walking about at about 2am.

Having seen the senior nurse the following morning I wasdischarged at lunchtime.Immediately after surgery I was able to stop injecting insulin, although being maintained on oral medication. For the first month I wasonly able to drink liquids but did not feel hungry! The following month 'mushy soup' and jelly was allowed and after two months I couldeat a small amount of solid food.By the end of month three I had already lost over 15kg and by Xmas, just six months after surgery I was 84kg which for those oldieswho still work in real money was a move from almost 17 stone to just over 12 stone. It definitely is not the easy option and because local Primary Care Trusts will not fund the surgery for the likes of me, it is not acheap option either. Weighing up the overall benefit against the cost, I wish I had done it ten years ago. People who I know walk past me without realising and I am much fitter than I have been for over 25 years. My HBA1C is now 8.5 and reducing, so I may be able to reduce theoral medication over time.If anybody wants to talk to me, I would be willing to share my experiences of both before and after surgery with them. I am even considering, registeringfor a Phd looking at the benefits of surgery for people suffering type 2 diabetes. Will have to investigate funding options.

Derek Robertson MA(Econ) Public and Health Service Management.

Modern life, stress, long hours and irregular eating times, I have for years been overweight, I never wanted to admit I was obese, but I was and I felt tired all the time and hated the affects it was having on me and indirectly on my friends and family.

Diets alone and trying to change my lifestyle wasn’t working, so I looked into weight loss surgery as a new helping tool to get me on the right track, I didn’t feel I wanted to go the whole way with bypass or sleeve surgery but needed that kick start to a new me or an older slimmer version. I discovered Plication or wrap surgery on the internet a few years back but this was only done in American or some parts of Europe and as much as they are probably all great places and companies to deal with I wanted to stay firmly at home for something like this. Then earlier this year wow Dr Ammori was starting to do plication surgery in the UK. A quick phone call later and I’m sitting in his office discussing treatment and booking myself in for the procedure. Meeting in person gave me the right feeling and calmed those nerves about having surgery. Time flew and I had the surgery early in October all went well and I was up and walking about the following morning, feeling a little sore but fine. Well its now coming up to 6 weeks post-surgery for my check-up appointment and I have already lost 20kg (that’s a bag of cement) I feel great, sleep much better and for less hours, have more energy than I have had in a long time and people have commented on how much healthier and younger I look and being in my 40’s that’s good.

Overall the care I received and support that I still have is first rate, everyone I have come into contact with from the hospital staff to the dietician and members of Dr Ammori staff have been very professional, relaxed and friendly. Thank you all from me Andy K

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